Hey there! I’m currently a freelance designer and illustrator but also a full-time bird mom of 7. I graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design in 2013 and now I dedicate my time to creating full-time and tweeting about my birds. 

Over the past 3 years I’ve become increasingly active on twitter which has granted me several opportunities and broadened my horizons by getting to know tons of amazingly talented and friendly artists around the globe. 

At the moment I’m working on creating content for my Patreon as well as just general art posts on social media platforms. I have aspirations to start making creative YouTube videos geared towards other artists to share my experiences, work process as well as reviews for products generally used by artists and creative professions. 


  • BOOM! Studios
  • Colossalcon
  • Nyancon


2015 Turf War Zine
Charity Splatoon Zine
Curated as well as submitted pieces for a large international charity Splatoon art book zine

2012 Brillo
Book Cover Contest
Placed second place in 15 Minutes of Fame contest to design the cover for Brillo’s commemorative 100 Year Anniversary Book. 

2010 The Art Institutes
National Poster Competition
Received first place at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and second place in the national competition. 

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Stay In Touch

emiface/Twitter - more of my drawings but also funny bird pics

ohmyemi/Instagram - snippets of sketches, drawings and life events

ohmyemi/tumblr - drawings and occasional life events

ohmyemi/YouTube - recorded art processes and discussion videos

emilyjack/LinkedIn - more indepth analysis of my work + skills

emilyjack/Behance - several other projects and designs I've done

I’m open to freelance work as well as full time positions!
Also willing to commute or relocate.